Hundreds of Syria Civilians Killed in Raqqa Amid U.S. Bombing

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2017-08-25 15:57:11


Damascus, August 25 (RHC)-- In Syria, the local journalistic group "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently" says the U.S.-led coalition has launched over 100 airstrikes in Raqqa over the last few days, and that the airstrikes and U.S. artillery fire have killed dozens of civilians since the weekend. 

The major bombardment comes as Amnesty International released an in-depth investigation documenting how hundreds of civilians have been killed and injured since the U.S.-backed offensive began in June to seize control of the ISIS stronghold. 

Survivors and witnesses told Amnesty International that they were trapped between ISIS militants on one side and the U.S.-led coalition force’s constant barrage of artillery strikes and airstrikes on the other side. 


  • Andrew Berman's gravatar
    Andrew Berman
    31/08/2017 07:26 am

    I am a long time friend of the Cuban Revolution and of Radio Havana. Indeed, in 1970, I was a winner of the Radio Havana Essay Contest and had the immense pleasure of visiting your beautiful country. Since then I have closely followed news and political developments in Cuba. While I understand the many changes that have transpired and the tremendous pressures that Cuba has been under and certainly remains under, I am deeply disappointed at Cuba's political line regarding Syria and the regime of Bashar Assad. While the US government and other parties have intervened there with nefarious motives, the Assad regime is the perpetrator of tremendous crimes against the Syrian people, crimes of historic proportions. It does not deserve Cuba's support. Kind regards, Andy Berman

  • Stanley Heller's gravatar
    Stanley Heller
    31/08/2017 01:31 pm

    Agree with Andrew Berman. Please note that the brave people in "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently" are Syrians who enthusiastically liberated Raqqa from Assad rule. Raqqa was the first Syrian city to have thrown off the rule of the Assad dictatorship through mass rallies.

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