Venezuelan foreign minister says U.S. is not global police

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-03-27 17:44:20

Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza. File photo

Caracas, March 27 (RHC)-- Venezuela’s foreign minister says that the United States will fall short of realizing its intentions concerning the Latin American country because Washington is not the ultimate enforcing power in the world.

“The U.S. government believes it is the policeman of the world, and they are not,” Jorge Arreaza said in remarks on the Iranian television news program "Face to Face."

“Countries, in spite of their weaknesses, they have dignity and they respect international law, so you cannot force a government to recognize a president in another country if it is against international law,” he added.

In January, Washington took the lead in recognizing Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s president after the head of the opposition-ruled Congress named himself the country’s interim chief executive. Washington has been pressuring other countries into following suit and has not ruled out using the military option to oust the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

“They don’t discard the military option, but they do discard diplomacy,” the Venezuelan top diplomat added, commenting on Washington's campaign. “They want Venezuelan oil. They have decided that Maduro should be ousted.”

“This is not a Republican government. This is a supremacist and racist government,” Arreaza noted in reference to the US administration.

He also commented on a walkout staged by country representatives while he was about to take the floor at a United Nations meeting in Austria earlier in March.

The minister called the boycotters representatives of “right-wing governments that are subordinated to Washington.”  He said: “It’s like a childish game.  Every time Venezuela decides to take the floor or intervene, they are going to stand up and leave,” he noted.





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