Campaign proposed in France to strengthen solidarity with Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2023-01-17 07:13:16


National Secretary of the French Communist Party Fabien Roussel

Paris, January 17 (RHC) The national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF), Fabien Roussel, said today that he is working to launch a major campaign in France in solidarity with Cuba and against the U.S. blockade, with the participation of associations, unions, progressive parties and elected authorities (parliamentarians and mayors). 


In declarations to Prensa Latina, the former presidential candidate underlined that the objective of the initiative, which will be launched soon, is the political pressure against the economic, commercial, and financial siege applied by Washington to the island for more than six decades, which he described as an attack on human rights.


Cuba suffers the harshest and longest blockade ever imposed on a people, which is unacceptable, warned the deputy for the North Department, who condemned the hostility of the United States towards the small country, even intensified amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Roussel insisted on the right of the Antillean nation to choose its destiny and to have the necessary means to undertake it.


The day before, in his presentation of good wishes to the French for the new year, the leader of the communists denounced the injustice and asphyxiation against the Cuban people and demanded its immediate cessation. He also rejected the extraterritorial character of this policy.


The leader said that along with the planned major campaign of solidarity with the island, he will ask President Emmanuel Macron for France to find its place at the side of the Cuban people and government. (Source: PL)


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