López Obrador ratifies to lead the movement against the US blockade of Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2023-02-14 07:12:17




Mexico City, Feb 14 (RHC) The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, ratified he will lead an international movement against the blockade of Cuba, which he described as an offense against humanity.


In his press conference at the National Palace, the president said that the United States blockade against Cuba is inhuman, an issue that has to do with an ideological charge that nullifies the right of people to act independently and freely.


López Obrador described that with the incorporation into the list of terrorist countries, promoted by the government of Donald Trump and maintained by Joe Biden, food or medicines cannot reach the Island.


He said that Cubans living in the United States are not allowed to send support. When they put Cuba on a list of terrorist countries, he explained, it means that institutions or embassies cannot even open a bank account because they are on the list of allegedly terrorist countries. It is an offense to the Statue of Liberty, it is an offense to human dignities, he affirmed.


He recalled that in the past, under the government of Barack Obama, actions were carried out that reduced its impact, but later it hardened.


Cuba has helped other countries achieve peace agreements, but it is singled out as such due to pure ideological charges, self-interest, pure electoral politics or to obtain other concessions. We are going to try to persuade the United States to change this policy, he said.


On the other hand, in immigration matters, more and more Americans are speaking out against the practices covered by the Monroe Doctrine, but in electoral situations, other sectors radicalize their speeches by pressing to obtain more votes, they want to seize undocumented workers as pretexts. (Prensa Latina)



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