Anniversary of the Cuban victory at Playa Girón is celebrated in Italy

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2024-04-20 11:23:57


Anniversary of the Cuban victory at Playa Girón is celebrated in Italy


Havana, April 20 (RHC) Groups of solidarity with Cuba in Italy celebrated in the city of Bolonia, with the presence of Cuban hero Ramón Labañino, the 63rd anniversary of the Caribbean nation's victory against the mercenary invasion of Playa Girón.

The activity, held this Friday, was organized by the Communist Network and the National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship.

Marco Papacci, president of the National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship, stated to the Cuban press that the participants also remembered the founding of his organization that day in 1961, in support of the Island against the invasion orchestrated by the United States.

Labañino, one of the five anti-terrorist fighters imprisoned for 16 years in the United States, referred to the global campaign that enabled his release and that of his companions, in December 2014.

For his part, Papacci addressed details of the military operation under the command of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, which made possible the victory in Playa Girón in just 64 hours after the attack began and constituted the first great military defeat of North American imperialism.

Both speakers referred to the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of the Caribbean country, the main cause of its economic problems.

The Cuban hero also spoke about the complex international panorama and the war conflicts in which the US government directly or indirectly participates. In particular, he referred to the situation faced by the Palestinian people, victims of Israel's attacks, which have already caused more than 34 thousand deaths in the Gaza Strip.

The meeting ended with the demand of an end to the war against Palestine and the US blockade of Cuba and Venezuela, as well as a call for peace and for unity in defense of just causes. (Source: PL)


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