Delegates to Cuban Party Congress Propose that Main Report Presented Be Discussed by Population

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2016-04-17 14:58:28


Havana, April 17 (RHC) Delegates to the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba going on in Havana proposed today that the Central Report presented during the opening session be discussed at all levels of Cuban society. The event is attended by some 1000 delegates, party members representing the various sectors of Cuban society.

Ines Maria Chapman, a delegate from the northeastern province of Holguin, suggested that the document be analyzed in Party branches at grass-roots level and also at Boards of Directors of companies, so that it may serve as a guide to identifying problems and finding solutions for them.

The Congress’ main report, presented during a plenary session yesterday by Party Secretary Raul Castro, offered a close, often critical look at economic issues connected to Cuban life of the last five years, while exposing challenges ahead for the island.

Yoerkis Sánchez, a delegate from Havana, considered the text a finished document of great ethical and political significance, which provides a summary of issues affecting Cuba’s reality today and how the island’s socialist system could deal with them.

Delegate Ines Maria Chapman, a member of the Congress’ commission in charge of reviewing implementation and updating of the economic and social guidelines approved during the previous Party congress, called the main report presented by Raul Castro a valuable document that ought to be submitted to close consideration. It was a clear and precise depiction of Cuban reality that warned of dangers ahead for Cuba in the shaping of its economic model, she said.

Delegate Juan Rodriguez, an agriculturist from Holguin, in eastern Cuba, believed it appropriate for the report and the results of discussions emanating from the Congress to be taken to communities, cooperatives, and workplaces in Cuba, so there is general awareness thereof.

Cuban Five Fernando Gonzalez, who is an invited guest of the Congress along with his four companions of prison in the United States, supported the proposal to have the text discussed nationally. He urged the Congress to offer its main report to discussion by political and mass organizations and also by the population at large, so that people not associated to unions or mass organizations equally become aware of the document’s content and ideas.

Delegates are gathered this Sunday under four working commissions to analyze a special document on new concepts and main characteristics guiding the country's social and economic model; the Program for Economic and Social Development through 2030; implementation of the social and economic guidelines approved by the 6th Congress; and matters pertaining the Party’s internal life.

The 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party runs through Tuesday, April 19th, when delegates will elect the members of the Party's Central Committee, the Political Bureau, as well as the first and second PCC secretaries.


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