The military option against Venezuela apparently weakens

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-02-27 17:20:27


February 27th, 2019

Several instances, including the so called Lima Group, a gathering that follows Washington's indications, have reversed their stand for a military intervention to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.

Even if they keep alive their offensive and aggressive rhetoric against that country, the members of that anti-Venezuelan democracy club, led by the US Vice President Mike Pence, were careful to include in their final declaration their firm stand against the use of armed force against the South American country.

Therefore, U.S. allies in the illegal crusade against Venezuela decided to hop off from the warmongering expedition organized by Washington before the flames of war consume their own nests.

No one ignores that a military aggression against the homeland of Simon Bolivar would bring dire consequences for all the regimes in the area, besides setting a very negative precedent, since it would use force to achieve goals that have nothing to do with democratic principles and doctrines, but grabbing Venezuela´s valuable natural resources, including the largest proved oil reserves in the world.

Even before a light of common sense shined over the plotters in the Colombian capital, other countries had also sidestepped and refused to follow the aggressive commands issued by Mr. Trump´s group.

Such is the case of the European Union, which stated that its dislike of the Government of President Maduro did not include its participation in military adventures.   The Europeans, instead, urged solutions through diplomatic and political means, although always with the goal of “a regime change”, a nice way of describing a coup in Venezuela.

Even Brazil, whose ruler Jair Bolsonaro at the beginning seemed ready to go to war, has now about faced himself.

His Vice President, Hamilton Mourão, said that the Brazilian Government is not considering any formula that would allow the United States to use Brazilian territory for an aggression against Venezuela.

Also, just a few hours ago, the White House also failed to enforce its war against Venezuela through the United Nations, when the UN Security Council heard the representatives of the majority of nations of the world reject the military option favored by Washington.

Therefore, Mr. Trumps protégé, the self-proclaimed “President” of Venezuela, stood in absolute minority in his efforts to launch a destructive war against his own country.

Mr. Guaido, by the way, is now in trouble with Venezuelan law, since, in violation of a court order banning his exit from the country, he helicoptered to Colombia to continue his tearful calls for a military attack against his own country.

These defeats to the United States and its puppet do not mean in any way that the danger is over.

Everyone that knows the beast should expect new dangers. Therefore, the democratic forces will have to remain on alert, because the enemy of Venezuelan democracy, either in Washington or in Bogota, is exactly like the devil: it never sleeps!


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