U.S. continues to bet on lackluster list without reason

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-12-04 10:19:26


By Roberto Morejón

The U.S. administration seems to have selective hearing, as it ignores the growing requests from personalities and institutions to remove Cuba from the arbitrary list of countries it considers to be sponsors of terrorism.

The United States kept Cuba on the aforementioned list for another year, according to the 2022 report on terrorism in the world, recently published by the U.S. Department of State.

That absurd designation, lacking conceptual or practical support, implies a greater control by the United States over exports, foreign aid, banking transactions and other commercial and economic operations, which accentuates the material deprivations of Cubans.

It is already known that essentially because of the U.S. blockade, the residents of the Caribbean nation are going through a difficult period in the material order.

But in Washington they dismiss the clamor in the UN General Assembly to put an end to the blockade, whose last resolution was adopted last November.

Among the speakers who then explained their vote in favor of the motion to urge the United States to put an end to the siege of Cuba, were those who also demanded the removal of the Antillean nation from the inventory of those who, according to Washington, harbor terrorism.

In the White House itself, dignitaries from Latin America and the Caribbean have met with President Joseph Biden and expressed similar concerns.

There are many voices in the United States urging their government to put an end to the blockade and to the inclusion of Cuba in the list of those it considers to be supporters of terrorism.

For Cubans, the allegation is slanderous and it is unacceptable to prolong such a decision, especially when terrorist attacks organized by the Northern Power have been committed against this country.

As stated by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States has more than enough information to confirm the firm and clean commitment of the largest of the Antilles in the fight against terrorism.

This is evidence that does not make a dent in the administration, which only shamelessly recycles the subterfuges used to explain the presence of Havana on its worn-out list.


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