Colombian Activist Piedad Cordoba Announces Bid for President

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2017-01-16 16:12:11


Santiago de Cuba, January 16 (RHC)-- Former Colombian senator and prominent human rights activist Piedad Cordoba has announced she will run for president in her country's upcoming elections in 2018, the first presidential race in a new era of peace after more than half a century of civil war.

Piedad Cordoba announced her decision while visiting the grave-site of  Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro in Santiago de Cuba, where she laid flowers with a message that read: “We will follow your example and defend your legacy.”

"I wanted to come and tell him because I need his support, so that he can enlighten me with his energy and give me strength and endurance for a task that is going to be very difficult,” said Cordoba.

The 61-year-old lawyer said this was not only a decisive moment in her personal life, but also for Colombia as it begins an “important and difficult” process of achieving definitive peace.

The activist said it was her obligation to defend Fidel Castro’s legacy in the region and across the world.  "As he said, a revolutionary does not get tired, a revolutionary doesn’t retire, he never expects anything different from what the gratification of the struggle means," she said.

Piedad Cordoba visited Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro on November 25, 2016, whose remains are in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery alongside the remains of national heroes such as Jose Marti.

"It was necessary to be at his funeral, but it is much more important to be here with him and to tell him that he lives and the struggle continues,” said Cordoba.  

Piedad Cordoba was a key figure in the peace talks and following deal reached by the FARC rebels and the government of Juan Manuel Santos.



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