Ecuador's Court Cancels Alianza PAIS' Removal of Lenin Moreno from Presidency of Party

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2017-11-03 15:34:40

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno

Quito, November 3 (RHC)-- Ecuador's presidency has requested a court to annul the decision of the governing PAIS Alliance to remove President Lenin Moreno as the general secretary of the party.  General Secretary of the Presidency Eduardo Mangas said on Twitter that a court has “ordered the corresponding measures guaranteeing (Moreno's) constitutional rights.” 

The Quitumbe-based court was requested among others to order the National Electoral Council, or CNE, not to register the new secretary general of the party, former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño as the new head of PAIS Alliance.  The ruling stated that Ricardo, along with his appointed Vice President Gabriela Alejandra Rivadeneira Burbano could not be registered as the new party's president because they were not selected through the party's national convention. 

In a press conference Monday evening, Rivadeneira said the National Directorate unanimously voted to remove Moreno from his position, citing "attacks" on other leaders including former President Rafael Correa.  Moreno has frequently taken to social media to accuse Correa of being "addicted to power" and recently mused about jailing "former presidents" while on a state trip to Peru.  Rivadeneira then added that the decision was taken in accordance with the leftist party's statutes which outline responsibilities of the leader and attitude towards other members, including "respectful treatment" of other members and maintaining "the unity of the movement."  

Rivadeneira also said that Lenin Moreno had not attended the National Directorate meeting for the past three months, another cause for removal.  Ricardo Patiño added that Moreno has not been coherent with the party's government plan and political project, after agreeing to several pacts with the country's right-wing parties and wealthy business people. 


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