Argentinean Presidential Candidate Daniel Scioli to Win in Runoff Election

Buenos Aires, October 16 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Argentinean presidential candidate of the ruling Front for Victory Party (FpV) Daniel Scioli would win the second round of elections if the October 25th ballot went to a runoff, according to consulting firm Dicen.
​Various polls place Scioli ahead of the race.  According to a survey published in La Jornada, the ruling party presidential hopeful has a 10 percent lead over his closest rival, right-wing Republican Proposal (PRO) party hopeful Mauricio Macri with 38.4 percent of the vote.      

The news website Eldestape published another survey showing Scioli almost 15 percentage points ahead of Macri, although ultimately the presidential elections of October 25th will head for a runoff between the two leading candidates.

According to Eldestape, Scioli leads the voter preference with 40.9 percent over Macri's 25.8 percent. 

But with about 10 days to go before election day, voter preference could shift slightly, which could change things as Sergio Massa, who has seen voter preference in his favor grow substantially.  He now stands 2.5 percent behind Macri with about 23.3 percent of the voters preference.

To win in the first round, a candidate either needs to garner at least 45 percent of the votes or at least 40 percent with a margin of at least 10 percent over their closest rival.

The Dicen survey place the rest of the candidates far behind, as Nicolas del Caño has 5.6 percent, while Margarita Stolbizer and Adolfo Rodriguez didn't even reach 3 percent each.

Dicen also surveyed a likely scenario in a runoff election November 22nd, giving Scioli the victory with 51.5 percent against 41.7 percent for Macri, the former president of the soccer club Boca Juniors. 

The consulting firm also said that President Cristina Fernandez and her ruling party candidate enjoy an approval rating of about 53 percent, while Macri has a 44 percent favorable opinion rating.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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