Argentina rejects exclusion of countries from Summit of the Americas

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2022-05-13 11:37:36


Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez.

Buenos Aires, May 12 (RHC)-- Argentina reiterated its criticism of the United States' decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the 9th Summit of the Americas, an action condemned by organizations and governments of the region.

Recently, the presidents of Mexico, Bolivia and Honduras, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Luis Arce and Xiomara Castro, respectively, announced they would not attend the meeting scheduled for June in Los Angeles, California, if Washington insists on preventing the presence of these states.

During his visit to Germany as part of a tour of Europe, President Alberto Fernández urged the organizers of the event to reconsider their position and invite all Latin American countries.

For his part, the Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs, Santiago Cafiero, told the media that he had sent a formal note to the United States to demand the holding of a summit without exclusions.

Everyone must participate. This issue was already raised before the organization of the meeting, when the working groups were convened. All countries must attend, he pointed out.

Earlier this month, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, whose pro tempore presidency is held by Argentina, criticized the behavior of Joe Biden’s administration, which prevents “all voices in the hemisphere to dialogue and be heard”.


  • Akusomcpeith Tau's gravatar
    Akusomcpeith Tau
    19/05/2022 03:46 pm

    In the true spirit of Multipolarism, and set with the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the 9th Summit of the Americas and, more so, with the commitment of Bolivia, Mexico and Honduras not to attend as a result of this unnatural exclusion, and with Argentina and Caricom protesting this most egregious act of attempting to silence the voices of sovereign states and of deny the right of being of sovereign nations, why not let the date of this Summit become the opportune time for the holding of the 1st Summit of the Organisation of Central/South/Caribbean American Sovereign States (OCSCASS) constituted of these aforementioned states as its founding members; and with an aim to affirm the right of all states to their unique socio-political presence, economic formations, culture, democratic philosophy and destiny. Those who wish to skip the 9th Summit, why now just skip it? Why simply skip when you can create an alternative: one that is rationalised in terms of the essential needs of your individual and collective nations, your individual and collective security, and one that is more functional to your needs then the present OAS arrangements affords? Perhaps, here and now, the opportunity presents itself this to do. For many reasons, the time seems perfect. Indeed, ‘God works in miraculous ways, His wonders to perform….’ What an opportunity for fruitful and meaningful dialogue amongst committed friends with the future of their nations in mind and with an historical recognised group of colony-seeking enemies of their independence, progress, development and sovereignty waging wars on other continents and at home. More so, why not be inspired when the opportunity arises to attempt to free oneself from one’s chains, mindful that where one would allow hegemonic totalitarianism, imperialism of the fused democratic/kleptocracy type and fascism to prosper rather than attempt freedom: one in not only playing with enkindled and brewing fire by not seeking an alternative and better arrangement but with the opportunity of a better future for all generations, now denied by the spirit of procrastination and indecision. ~Felix

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