Brazilian government denounces Bolsonaro's hatred and violence at the United Nations

Edited by Catherin López
2023-06-26 17:43:43



Rita de Oliveira, Brazil

Brasilia, June 26 (RHC) The Brazilian government denounced today at the United Nations Human Rights Committee, in Geneva (Switzerland), the hatred and political violence incited by former president Jair Bolsonaro during his administration (2019-2022).

According to the column by journalist Jamil Chad, in the UOL portal, in the coming days, the national authorities will have to provide answers to the organization's experts on how they want to address the challenges and structural transgressions of human rights in the country.

Such an analysis was scheduled before President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won the October elections and, throughout the last year of Bolsonaro's administration, Brazil was obliged to present a report on the human rights situation.

However, it caught the attention of the committee's specialists the fact that the leadership of the far-right politician affirmed in the official documents presented, that there was no dissemination of hatred in his mandate.

In her speech before the Committee, the executive secretary of the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship of Lula's government, Rita de Oliveira, stated that, contrary to what the previous Executive had said, in recent years, manifestations of hatred and incitement were widely verified in "public statements of high authorities" of that period.

According to De Oliveira, Lula's government took measures to face the roots of hatred, and "fortunately, once again, Brazilian institutions resisted", she said.

The secretary linked the coup attempt, perpetrated on January 8 in Brasília, to the attitude of Bolsonaro's allies in disseminating hatred.

She denounced that, on that date, "a few days after the inauguration of the new president of the Republic, we witnessed an open and extremely violent attack, not only to the Brazilian historical heritage but mainly to the democracy of our country".

She pointed out that, "with serenity, the democratic institutions acted and we moved on".

She informed that the Government created a working group to develop strategies to combat hate speech and extremism, in addition to proposing public policies on human rights.

She said that this team will present its final report in the next few days, as a result of the work of different governmental areas, researchers, religious leaders, and communicators, among others. (Source: PL)


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