Cuban Investigators Say U.S. Sonic Attack Allegations are Science Fiction and Slander

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2017-10-25 16:09:42


Havana, October 25 (RHC/Agencies)-- Cuban officials investigating U.S. complaints of alleged sonic attacks against U.S. diplomats in Havana said talk of such strikes is “science fiction” and described Washington's allegations as “slander.”
“It's impossible.  We are talking about science fiction,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jose Alazo, an expert with the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Cuban Interior Ministry.  “From a technical point of view, that argument is unsustainable,” he noted.

“This is slander by the United States,” Coronel Ramiro Ramirez, who leads the Cuban team investigating the complaints, said during an interview in Havana.  Three Interior Ministry officials and a doctor, all participating in the inquiry, provided more details.

Cuba had deployed about 2,000 security officials and experts, from criminologists to audiologists and mathematicians, to investigate the so-called sonic incidents after it became aware of them in February, the investigators said.

To have a health impact, an audible sound would need to be very loud -- above 80 decibels or similar to a plane's engine -- they said, calling attention to the fact that only the reported victims had heard the noise, not their families living in the same houses, nor their neighbors.

“We interviewed more than 300 people in the neighborhood, we also evaluated more than 30 medically, and no one heard these things,” 
Lieutenant Colonel Jose Alazo said.

Even if the alleged sounds involved were infra- or ultrasonic and therefore inaudible to human ears, it would be hard to explain how it could go undetected, because the source would have to be enormous and could be seen from a satellite, the Cuban investigators said.

“There is an anti-Cuban mafia in Miami and we are victims of their dirty work that involve certain people very close to the governing circles of the United States,” according to Ramirez, head of the Cuban investigating team.


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